Pi Southern Facade Renovation Completed

Thursday, November 11 2010 @ 11:25 am EST

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Here are the updated pictures of the completed renovation work. It was certainly more extensive than we planned but you can clearly see the effort was well worth it.

This is the model that will be used throughout the rest of the structure. Remove existing siding, seal the structure using Tevak plastic sheeting and replace with composite siding. Where possible, ensure that the original architectural details are preserved.

Without really seeing up close, it is tough to appreciate the amount of work that was required to complete this work. We will put a fresh coat of paint in the Spring and everything will be one consistent color. (Overwhelming vote is White!)

Take a look and imagine what the rest of the house would look like when renovated in this fashion? Not only will it look sharp, but the house will be 100% airtight and sealed which should help greatly with out heating efficiency.

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