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Welcome to the Pi Chapter Alumni site!    
Thursday, January 01 2004 @ 08:00 am EST
Contributed by: Admin

General NewsAnnouncing the new Pi Alumni web portal and a major step up from the old PiWeb site built a few years ago!

*** If you don't login, you won't be able to access anything beyond the standard stuff available for 'public' view!

IMPORTANT NOTE! For obvious reasons, the latest Pi Garnet did not mention the password to access the site. If you need a password, please fill out the account request form and we'll get your account activated and the password sent to you via email.

For those that have forgotten your username, it is constructed as follows (first letter of first name + first six letters of last name + last two digits of the 'official' year you graduated). An example would be 'jcornac86'. (Punctuation in last names is ignored and is not part of the username.)

The major features will include:

- Alumni will have the ability to post and comment to messages.
- Each user will be able to establish their own user login and password. No more shared piweb login
- A calendar will be available online to show upcoming events
- Undergraduates will be able to post messages and broadcast important news to the alumni
- The site is completely searchable
- Online polls that are easily updated
- An online document catalog will be available through this site that can be accessed by all registered users.
- All existing content from the old piweb site(i.e. picture galleries) will be ported into this site)

Let me know what you think!

Jim Cornacchia '86

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